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Mether Academy is committed to fully comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding Anti- Money Laundering (“AML”). Our policy is to prevent people or organisations to engage in money laundering, fraud, and other financial crimes, including but not limited to terrorist financing, etc.

Mether Academy has vigorous policies and procedures to detect, prevent and report suspicious activity. Our aim is to comply with OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control), MLRO or equivalent recognised bodies requirements, and global sanctions. In addition, we request our customers to provide us with documentation to help prove his/her identity for verification purposes as well as ask for further information (where required) for documents such as source of funds, occupation etc or any other documentation we feel necessary for verification as part of our screening process. This may be at any stage of our customers journey with Mether Academy and is not limited to the sign- up process. All or any proceeds will be held until we are satisfied with all documentation provided. We will have the right to decline any application without sharing our findings and/ or concerns. The company verifies that adequate proof is produced or that additional means are taken to produce satisfactory evidence of any customer's or counterparty's identification. Customers who are inhabitants of other countries listed by trustworthy sources as having weak AML standards or that may pose a significant risk for crime and corruption, as well as beneficial owners who reside in and whose money are sourced from designated countries, are subject to increased scrutiny. The customer affirms that he or she is not aware of any fact and has no cause to suspect that: the money being transferred is originated from or linked to money laundering, terrorism financing, or any other illegal activity ("Illegal Activities"). The funds being transferred will be used to finance or facilitate illegal activities. The customer's information identifying a lawful source of money is inaccurate, deceptive, or significantly erroneous.

Mether Academy also reserves the right to disclose all such customer information in connection with its responsibilities to, or in response to, any demands (whether legally binding or not) by, a relevant regulatory agency. According to international law, the company is not required to notify the customer that they were notified to the appropriate regulating authorities owing to the client's questionable behaviour.